What Has Happened To The USA?
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January 8, 2024

What Has Happened To The USA?

This new year is continuing the craziness from 2023 with already a few new twists. During the first week of 2024 news events have broken that boggle the mind. With the release of some of the Epstein documents and other events, you have to ask yourself, What has happened to the USA?

Continuing from 2023 Judges on the Colorado Supreme Court acted as activists by removing a Donald Trump from the election ballot. The US Supreme Court says it will now hear the case, but the Colorado Secretary of State has already put Trump back on the ballot. Complete craziness. The State of Maine Secretary of State acting as a dictator also removed Donald Trump from the ballot. This process is still in limbo and people have no idea about the outcome. This will probably be another case that will head to the US Supreme Court. In many other states politicians, lawyers and activists are trying to remove choice from the ballot. Interesting these are the same people that call themselves pro-choice when it comes to ending the life of baby, the hypocrisy of these individuals is incredible. The interesting state is crazy California. The Secretary of State actually certified the ballot with Trump’s name on it. The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, actually came out against removing Trump’s name from the ballot. I guess Newsom think this will help him with his presidential hope in the future by saying he believes in political choice. We also have Special Prosecutors, Attorney Generals and District Attorneys running amok against a presidential candidate, trying to get a felony conviction to prevent this person from being elected once again by the citizens of the United States. If the current administration won the last election with 81 million votes it should be a slam dunk for 2024. What are all these judges, Secretaries of States, Special Prosecutors, Attorney Generals, District Attorneys and others afraid of? Why are they trying so hard to keep Donald Trump off the ballot? All the above actions are done in countries controlled by a dictator and it seems we are heading down that road with these type of tactics.

The above tactics are all forms of Lawfare to drain the financial resources of individuals that someone doesn’t like. This strategy should scare the hell out of people on both sides because it is an easy way to destroy anyone that doesn’t follow an agenda or political policy. Unfortunately both liberals and conservatives use it and it makes this country look like a banana republic. As usual the US citizen is the loser in these types of battles because it takes away our freedom of choice and only allows the selected choice of the rich and well connected. But that has been politics as usual in the United States for a very long time, the only thing new is the term Lawfare.

There is another scary part of this whole process, television guests and former members of Congress are talking about stopping certain candidates from appearing on the ballot at all costs. What does that mean? Just hearing that type of talk runs a shiver up my spine. These people are suppose to be leaders and this is the way they talk about a political foe? What’s even worse is that the mainstream media actually gives airtime to this disgusting display of arrogance.

That leads to another flaw in the mainstream media narrative. With the release of some of the Epstein documents that detail famous people getting caught with their pants down the media is passing it off as no big deal. We have a former President of the United States implicated in the document release and most major media outlets just gloss over it. This country is truly at a bad stage.

In this new year, as usual, our politicians are talking and bending the truth as always looking forward to reelection. The Republicans and Democrats are acting as a Uni-Party to control and drain the US citizen of decency, individualism and money. They are ripping this country apart with their games all while the people of this country are being destroyed. The list of questionable events continues to grow making this country look like a clown show in the eyes of the world. This is similar to the old saying, Nero played his violin while Rome burned. This is a perfect example of the status of the United States today. Unfortunately this is only the beginning of the craziness that is going to happen to this country in 2024. With the primaries and November election who knows what’s in store for the citizens of the US. It is definitely going to be a roller coaster year.

The saddest part of all this craziness is nobody cares. People keep going on with their lives because they believe none of this affect them. What they don’t understand is that with each of these events a little bit of their rights are disappearing. By not caring and showing interest they are actually destroying themselves. One day they are going to wake up and realize they have no rights left and they live in a police state. They will have no one to blame but themselves but they never do. They alway will blame others because they believe they never do anything wrong. So in the end they will rot in a dictatorship they allowed to take control of the country.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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