Climate Change Is The New Name For Weather
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November 13, 2023

Climate Change Is The New Name For Weather

In today’s world the new name for daily weather is Climate Change. It changes by the month, week, day, hour and sometimes it even changes by the minute. We can not deny Climate Change exists because it has always been here. We live it everyday as we check and deal with the weather because the Climate Changes constantly. One day it’s hot and another day it’s cold. Some days it rains and other days it snows. It’s called the four seasons. This change in the weather has happened since the earth’s beginning and it is nothing new.

Even with today’s technology the weatherman, weatherwoman or meteorologist can’t accurately predict the weather for tomorrow and we are supposed to listen to so-called scientist predictions 10 or 100 years from now? Oh please, wake up, you are being conned. The elites parade a child around scolding people about their normal living because of their use of natural resources and its effect on the climate or environment. Why would anyone listen to this puppet? This child is not smart enough to think for herself yet people think that she is smart enough to tell others what to do? Stupidity at its finest. All over media you see stories and videos about Climate Change, the causes and way to correct the problem. Why?

It’s very simple, the hype about Climate Change has nothing to do with the weather but it has everything to do with control. Just like they took the yearly flu and turned it into a so-called pandemic to control the lives of people, how they behaved and reacted. The Covid pandemic has passed so they have to move to another made up threat to herd people into compliance. People are being pushed into an agenda of the New World Order, World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Health Organization and other globalist.

The stupidity of all the nonsense and restrictions that are being forced on the citizens of this country is mind boggling. As usual looney California is at the forefront by restricting its residents from doing normal life. Water restrictions, gas appliance bans, gas powered car bans, diesel restrictions, bans on wood burning stoves, bans on gas powered landscaping equipment, etc. They are pushing for everyone to use electric or battery powered appliances, tools and vehicles. Why? Does it really help the environment and climate when the electricity has to be produced by oil and natural gas? It has already been proven that solar and wind electrical generation is not reliable and steady in peak periods or at night. That is why California and other states have rolling brownouts and blackouts because solar and wind can’t handle the demand. All these alternatives were instituted for Climate Change and it hasn’t changed the climate one bit. What it has done is lower these states to a third world electrical system that is no longer reliable or affordable.

Consequences of these mandates, rules and laws is that now they can tell you when to use your tools, appliances and vehicles. They can control your movement, your employment, your leisure and whatever else you do. That is the main aspect of the Climate Change scam. They can control what you do and when you do it. They can control your life by controlling the natural resources you use therefore making you dependent on the government.

The lunacy of the whole Climate Change push is that they want to reduce society’s carbon footprint. Some even say the main carbon they want to reduce is people for a depopulation agenda. That might be true but they will never reduce the carbon footprint of the people on earth. All it takes is a volcanic eruption somewhere on the planet and the entire Climate Change stupidity falls apart. One volcano that erupts puts more carbon into the atmosphere than will ever be reduced by following the Climate Change agenda. They will never admit this because they will blame the volcanic eruption on Climate Change. Insanity.

Everyday more and more scientists are coming out saying Climate Change is a hoax and that is the normal routine of the earth. That normal routine is called the weather and once again the powers that be are using something normal and manufacturing a man made crisis. Unfortunately the mainstream media and big tech refuse to listen to common sense. The rich, famous, elites, politicians, governments and world organizations, such as the World Economic Forum, want to steer people to an agenda that will eventually control their lives.

People have been screaming about Climate Change for years. Every time they start up again they say, “this time is different” to scare people into following and believing the nonsense. Nothing happens but the only thing that is different now are some people are getting dumber and are actually starting to believe the stupidity. Weather predictions have been the source of jokes for as long as I can remember. The Climate Change hysteria should be put in the same category as weather jokes. It changes everyday, it is hard to predict and that is why people laugh at weather forecasts. For me I will continue watching the weather, the change of seasons and going along with my normal life. If it gets cool I’ll put on a flannel shirt, if it gets hot I’ll wear a short sleeve shirt, if it rains I’ll wear a hat or if it snows I’ll wear a jacket. I do not believe in the nonsense and scare tactics of Climate Change because I am able to think for myself and not be steered by stupidity.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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