Verified Celebrities on Social Media
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May 8, 2023

Verified Celebrities and Elites on Social Media

It’s amazing how unglued celebrities, “so-called” elites, politicians and other became when they were asked to pay for verification on a social media platform. It just shows how hypocritical they are and how attached they are to freebies because of their status. These prima donnas think they are better than anyone else, are use to being treated that way and given what they want. Celebrities and elites always have their hand in someone else’s pocket, do what they want and are always receiving handouts, in this case a blue verification checkmark. They have always been paid to do what others want, there’s a term for that.

How they hate being treated like regular people. Are they that shallow? Yes. Why anyone listens to them is beyond me. What have they ever done for you? Have they improved your life? Gotten you a better job? Put gas in your car? A small monthly fee to prove they are who they say they are and what do they do, the usual, blame someone else not themselves.

They are so full of themselves and out of touch with reality, I guess that’s what makes them appealing to some. Why do people follow and idolize them, because they are on television or in the movies or online, who cares what they think. Think for yourself and you will be better for it. Just because they were in a movie, been in a television show, have a famous name, play a game, are online in some way or just stand and smile they think they know everything. They are clueless to you because you are the payer for their nonsense. You give them your hard earned money so they can look down on you and tell you you’re wrong and what to do. If you listen to their nonsense you deserve what happens. In the end it doesn’t matter because they really don’t care.

Are they so strapped for cash that they can’t spend a few dollars for verification? People that make very little will pay the small fee just to keep their small business online so it will attract customers and hopefully more business. These arrogant buffoons and has beens think they are better than the hard working people, they have a known name so everything should be free for them. The little people need to pay. That’s why all the fuss about paying for verification is nothing but a joke and a PR stunt. There is no point to make but if a point is being made is that they are too cheap to pay $96.00 a year to be verified. So just stop playing games and have your accountant write a check for the amount of verification so you can keep your sheep.

They feel they are too important and only the lesser people pay. I’ve got news for you, no one owes you anything or cares. They are mindless boobs (fools) that couldn’t find their way out of paper bag without a director, assistant or someone pulling their strings. They live in a vacuum and expect everyone to listen to them while they repeat what they are told. They are brainwashing and grooming young and impressionable people.

In the end it is all meaningless because it is all about the show and to distract you from what is really going on. It is to steer your attention away from something that will impact your life. Unfortunately people are too shallow and they will follow this stupidity instead of what is real important like putting food on the table and surviving. They might be rich but it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. To get where they are they are usually just lucky. That is one of the reasons this country is in bad shape because people follow and listen to these buffoons instead about caring about their own troubles.

I do not listen to anything they say because I am able to think for myself and have experienced life. It is rough and hard and that is how I gained my knowledge not by reading a script that someone else wrote.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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