Help Forum Cheerleaders
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July 31, 2023

Help Forum Cheerleaders

When you visit a product online help forum you notice that there are a lot of cheerleaders praising the product and company policies. It seems no matter what the company does these so-called independent people praise what is being done. Whether it’s changing policies or pricing, they all go along with it a smile. If someone complains they always criticize and support the company. It almost makes you wonder if they are getting something in return.

I know these help forums are usually on the companies website and I am almost positive they edit out the questions and replies they don’t like. Sometimes when you’re reading the posts is just makes you shake your head and wonder. No matter how crazy or dumb the company response there is always some nut saying it’s good or how much they support the policy.

I am using software that originally was a purchase item. You purchased a version and you got free updates for that version. The company then changed to a subscription model for their software but they wouldn’t call it a subscription. The new policy was you buy the software with updates for a year and after the year you can purchase a renewal to continue updates. The problem with this idea is they are not selling a higher version they are just renewing updates on the current version. What happens if you get a bad update just before your expiration time, which has and does happen, you are stuck with bad software unless you renew your subscription. On the help forum people complained and out came the cheerleaders saying how great was the new policy. They all ended the same way you can purchase the renewal so it won’t happen to you.

A few months later they upped the price of the renewal to the same as purchasing a new license, no discount for a renewal. This sent the help forum in a frenzy and once again the cheerleaders started posting replies. All of them sounded like they were repeating what a legal team would say, such as, the discount renewal only applied to the first year. Others replied that they felt cheated and the response from the cheerleaders was, “it’s a good company policy because they use the money to develop and maintain their products.”

As usual, it always comes down to money and this sounds like the company is have some financial issues. I don’t have a problem purchasing software but when a company treats there existing customers like fools that’s when I drop that company. I heard a computer programmer once say, “users are losers” and that has stuck in my mind for a long time. This is how I feel when I read what company cheerleaders post on help forums, “users are losers,” they know best and you’re an idiot. Companies like this deserve to go out of business and hopefully they will. I am not renewing my software with this company because I don’t like their business practices. The way some of the help posts read I am not alone, others feel the same way.

Ratings and reviews can and are manipulated to create the illusion of a good product or service. Product forums serve as another way for a company to promote how good their product or service is with positive statements and criticism of those that disagree. When I see this type of cheerleading on a product forum I tend to believe that the company and/or product is not very good.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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