News Anchors Are Actors Reading A Script
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April 8, 2024

News Anchors Are Actors Reading A Script

In a recent interview a sports reporter explained how she was forced to stay on script during an interview of Biden. This should be no surprise to anyone and it is not just sports reporters, most news anchors are just actors reading a script. In fact in most major areas a lot of reporters and anchors are members of the actors union. The media networks are owned by entertainment conglomerates and that tells a lot about why and what you are seeing on television. The purpose of scripted news, sports and entertainment is to promote an image or lifestyle, not facts or accurate information. Today news and sports shows are entertainment and follow an agenda to skew their audience.

News has always been scripted on both radio and television. Just watch the weekly credits after a live news program on Fridays. Why do they list “news writers?“ Some anchors do write their own scripts but they have to be cleared by the News Director. Do you really think they are that smart that they can remember and memorize all the information they present? Just look how they become babbling fools when they go off script for “Breaking New” such as a vehicle pursuit or disaster. Some of them can’t actually form sentences and sometimes they have no idea of what they are talking about.

The anchors and reporters read to the audience, they don’t talk to the audience and they definitely don’t listen to their audience. In a television news studio teleprompters are everywhere. Look how they turn from one camera to another without skipping a beat. They are cued when to start and when to stop. They are cued to look at certain cameras by using tally lights to tell them what camera to look at and read from the teleprompter. They wear earphones to follow directions from the program director. They have used cue cards and hand signals in the past but today they use teleprompters on cameras, in the desk and instructions in the earphone to follow the script. They are directed by others to read the news.

Newspaper, radio & television news has never been unscripted. Independent reporters do not exist because they receive a paycheck from the company that owns the station. You have News Directors that tell what can go on television. Editors that limit what can go in newspapers, on radio or television. Producers, Executive Producers, Corporate Executives, CEO’s, Advertisers and Financiers that all have an interest in what is allowed to be printed or broadcast. As with everything it is all about the money. If you the follow the money you see why certain news and information has been censored. Usually it is to force people to an agenda or certain way of life.

There are still some reporters that try to report actual news and information but if they report independent information or a story that goes against the agenda they are fired for some obscure reason. This happened recently to a major network national reporter. The uncontrolled reporter needs to be silenced if they go against the agenda. The few good reporters left are forced to use social media to get their stories out but that is also censored. In today’s world with the current and future technology there is no uncensored news and there never will be. If you are using a social media platform they can cut you off at anytime. If you run your own site the web hosting company or the internet service provider can turn you off if they don’t like the information hosted on your website. You are De-Platformed and unable to get your information out to the public. Another problem with operating your own news website is it is hard to get a lot of exposure. To gain an audience you have to have a well known name and/or a lot of money to promote your website on other media. Once again you are at the mercy of the media conglomerates and social media companies to accept your advertising. That brings us back to the basic premise, there is no uncensored news.

People have been fooled for many years in believing that the news was factual and actually what is said it was, news and information. It was news and information but unfortunately it went through many checks before what you saw on the air. The article you read in a newspaper, heard on the radio or saw on television has always been slanted a certain way and has always followed an agenda or a purpose. It has never been fair, independent or accurate, it is more of the opinion of the editor or news director. What you read in a newspaper, hear on radio and see on television is through the eyes and ears of editors, directors producers, executives, etc. and it has never been independent. News was printed to sell newspapers, news programs on radio was to sell new and better radios and news on television was used to sell as many TV’s as possible. It is all about the money and has never been about truth or facts.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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