Where is the Full the Release of the January 6 Videos?
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February 12, 2024

Where is the Full the Release of the January 6 Videos?

Speaker Johnson, why are still waiting for the full release of the all the January 6 Video? Asking for the citizens of the United States of America, the hard working people that pay your inflated salary.

You promised to release all the video then you released censored video with blurred faces, Why? Who are you protecting? Another sham promise. You said the people were taking its house back when you were selected as Speaker. The people want transparency, so where is it? Blurred faces on a video is not a full release. There is still footage that has not been released, why? Who are you protecting? Why are you protecting them? Are Federal agents doing an undercover operation, why? Are you protecting these agents because they were there to entrap US citizens? Even more reason to release un-redacted, un-blurred or uncensored video. So much for transparency and taking back the peoples house when you refuse to let the people see who actually invaded the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Who did you make a deal with? Why is the footage not being used by defense attorney’s representing the J6 political prisoners? Why are you refusing to let the public know? What’s the stall? Who is asking that the video needs to be censored? What agency? What about all the Congress people that pushed for release? What happened to accountability? You are allowing political prisoners to rot in a US jail because your are trying to protect those that actually instigated the J6 fiasco.

As always the country still has many questions but have not received any real answers. Where is the full footage about the Ashli Babbitt incident? Why was a film crew roaming around inside the Capitol and with Nancy Pelosi? None of these questions have been answered or even explained to the US citizens. As usual the Speaker of the House and Congress members are all talk and no action. Do not use the excuse that these things take time, they are not politically beneficial for you and your colleagues. Congress can move very fast if it’s for their own interests, such as pay raises but when it comes to whats best for the country they move at a snails pace.

It doesn’t matter who it is, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker McCarthy or Speaker Johnson it seems we are still going in the same direction. Stop using the old trick of talking down to people to make you look superior, people are tired of it. Do something unusual, actually act on what you say. Same with the excuse that you only control one Legislative branch, the House of Representatives, you control the purse strings, the budget, that has enormous power. Use the power of the purse to back up your words, now that would be action. Forget about foreign countries, you need to get our country back in order. Your primary focus needs to be USA First.

The hard working citizens of the United States are tired of the usual political whitewash. Unfortunately Congress is gearing up for re-election so it doesn’t look like much is going to change. Maybe some day you will stop looking out for your future only and start looking at the future of the country and its citizens. Unfortunately elections are just formalities because we always seem to be stuck with the same media hungry, egotistic and do nothing politicians, good on speeches and hearings but as usual no action. I know some of you think that everything you do is right, in reality to the rest of us, you do nothing for the citizens of this country. The sad part is people no longer believe any of you. You’ve done nothing for too long and you lost the trust of the informed US citizens.

I’m sure all these questions will be answered and spun to make certain Congress members look good and tell us how hard they are working to solve the situation. Your cheerleaders will tell us we are wrong and they are right and they are working hard for the people. That’s the usual re-election verbal garbage that comes around every two years. Your re-election phrases have been said for many years and the informed citizens of this country are tired of hearing them. All your words are just nonsense because they are not followed up by actions. I’m old enough and have heard it so many times in the past that I know it is definitely spin and BS. That is why I never trust a politician.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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