Is The Release Of The J6 Videos A Distraction?
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November 20, 2023

Is The Release Of The J6 Videos A Distraction?

On November 17, 2023 Speaker of The House Mike Johnson announced that the security video footage of the January 6, 2021 protest was going to be released to the public. In his announcement he said the he was fulfilling a pledge that he made to the American people. Conservative outlets praised the move and said it was a big step in returning to the House and power back to the people.

As an Old Timer I am skeptical of any move that a politician makes and then takes a bow. This skepticism is warranted because lies and politician are usually used in the same sentence. There are some questions about the video release. Why now, the week before Thanksgiving? What else is coming up? Possibly the budget fiasco, continuing resolutions, funding for a foreign country or something else? Could this release really be a distraction from some other calamity coming down the road or cover for some political misdoings? Once again the questions are valid because the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson received all Republican votes when he was selected for Speaker of the House. That included all the RINO’s in Congress. Why? They do not Believe In USA First but they voted for this nationally unknown Congressman, why? What’s the real agenda of these RINO’s in Congress? Could the release of the J6 Videos just be a breadcrumb to keep the people of this country occupied while something else is being rammed through Congress?

Now don’t get me wrong, the release of the J6 Video is a big deal. Hopefully it will shed light on the coverup by the for J6 House Committee and those treasonous Members of Congress that promoted the sham hearings. It also sheds light on how worthless Kevin McCarthy was as Speaker of the House. The role of Capitol Police, FBI, other agencies as well as the role of other Member of Congress in the protest hopefully will be exposed. Hopefully those that are in prison can use this video footage to gain their release from the hell hole of the DC jail. The families of those that committed suicide will hopefully be able to sue the authorities that manipulated the law enforcement agencies and judicial system to receive compensation. Maybe it will even bring the murderer of Ashli Babbitt to face charges. These are hopes but I am a realist, I don’t see much happening and once again I have more questions than answers.

The biggest question is what are we not being shown? This video has been in the possession of Capitol Police and the House of Representatives for over 2 years what has been, edited or modified? With today’s video technology any video can be manipulated. I worked in the video industry years ago and even back then you could manipulate video. It was difficult but it could be done. With the advancement of CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) and other AI (Artificial Intelligence) video can no longer be believed. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is no longer valid. Any photograph and image can be manipulated. Since the J6 Video has been in the possession of questionable authorities can it really be trusted?

That brings us back to the title of the opinion, is the release of the J6 Video a big distraction? The election season has started and most in Congress are readying their re-election campaigns. This would be a good line to use for the campaign, I supported Mike Johnson and he kept good on his promise to the people, he released the J6 Video. Conservative media and other outlets will focus on this one item and forget that the USA is going broke and we are supporting other countries before fixing problems in this country. The southern border is wide open and we are being invaded. We as a country can not survive this invasion. Who knows how many terrorists have just walked in and are now on standby waiting for their orders? We have an election system that is broken and the Republicans are in no rush to try to fix it, why? Some talk about it, including the new Speaker but there is no follow up or action. I know you will say we need to give him time but that is one thing we don’t have anymore. This country is broke and in distress while we wait for the politicians to fund and help other countries and causes. The new Speaker’s sole responsibility is to Believe In USA First. All of his actions should be to help put this country back together and it is not a task that can wait. The longer it takes the worse it gets but that’s the normal method of politicians, talk, do small actions, blame others, deny, deflect and delay. That’s until it’s time for re-election, then it’s a media blitz to tell what you they have done, what others have prevented them from doing and what they will do in the future. As always it will be for some other country or cause because our current elected officials Do Not Believe In USA First.

I hope I’m wrong but I am not impressed with the current action of the new Speaker. We are suppose to trust a politician to do what is right for the people, unfortunately, for me trust and politician don’t go together. I will wait and see if anything actually materializes that releases the J6 Defendants, compensation to the families of the J6 prisoners that committed suicide and puts the treasonous Members of Congress in prison. We will soon see if it was a distraction or a monumental move. Either way the citizens of the USA will always be on the short end.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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