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You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you register to inform you that your account has been setup.

You will not be able to Login until your account has been activated. I need to match your Name and Email Address to my Paid Subscriber List. If the information does not match your account will remain Deactivated until I receive Subscriber Purchasing Confirmation.

You will receive another confirmation email (usually within 24 hours) after you register to notify you your account has been activated.

Your subscription actually starts after it has been activated, not when you register. You receive one (1) full year of activation.

A 45 Day Trial Subscription is available through referral only. The trial subscription also starts after it has been activated, not when you register. You receive forty-five (45) days of activation. After the 45 day trial period your subscription will be deactivated and you will no longer have access to the subscriber area. Anytime during the trial period you can purchase a yearly subscription.

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